Request for Proposals

Wilderness Research Foundation is interested in receiving proposals from university-based researchers for participation in our projects. The proposed field research should be innovative and compelling, and have the potential to create new knowledge of the mechanisms of climate change.

Proposals should address the following questions in as clear and succinct a matter as possible. Please include a curriculum vitae with your submission. Graduate students should also include a letter of recommendation from a faculty adviser.

1. Your project (1-2 pages maximum)

Please describe the nature of the research you propose to conduct and the type of terrain where the work will take place (glacier? ice cap? moraine? tundra? lake? coast?). What is the scientific context or your project (i.e., how does it augment or advance the study of the polar regions and/or global climate change)? What would you learn? How would this project create new knowledge of the mechanisms of global climate change?

2. Your background (1 page maximum)

Please describe your scientific focus, previous research and prior training. In what way would the proposed research contribute to your professional objectives?

3. Logistical requirements (1 page maximum)

How much equipment do you plan to bring? Please list any instruments or pieces of equipment that cannot be carried in a backpack or might require special handling. How many samples are you planning to bring back? What are the special needs or requirements for the transportation of your samples?

4. Ability to complete the project (1 page maximum)

Will you be able to analyze samples and complete a paper on the results of your field research in a timely manner? Will your home institution provide laboratory facilities? Will you require (and can you obtain) the cooperation of agencies other than your home institution? What are the regulations concerning the importation of samples into your home country? Can you obtain in a timely manner the permits necessary for the importation of your samples?

Inquiries and submissions should be addressed to:

Wilderness Research Foundation, Inc.

P.O. Box E5

71 West 23rd Street,

New York, NY 10010-4149

Or via e-mail at: