A New Model Of Scientific Exploration For The 21st Century

Wilderness Research Foundation was created to meet the overwhelming need expressed by earth, biological, and atmospheric scientists at universities throughout the United States and Canada for more research opportunities in remote and inaccessible regions.

Our goal is to reinvent for the 21st Century a cost-effective model responsible for some of the greatest advances in the history of exploration: the privately financed multidisciplinary expedition.

Wilderness Research Foundation organizes privately funded scientific expeditions exclusively for university-based researchers focusing on the mechanisms of global climate change.

We are:

  • A 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
  • Working in cooperation with major academic research institutes.
  • Creating partnerships between expedition scientists, science museums, and K-12 teachers to advance the teaching and learning of science.

Expeditions are the most unique educational resources of the 21st Century. By applying cutting-edge information technology to serve educators, students, and sponsors, Wilderness Research Foundation pushes the parameters of scientific exploration outside of the box and beyond the limited regime of government funding.