Plastic Bags Filled With Gunk

January 23, 2010  |   Antarctic Peninsula Project, Blog   |   admin  |   0 Comment

Bulat, the glacier man, told me that summer on King George Island is always bright and sunny, but there's usually one week of rain and overcast skies.  We landed just in time for that gray week.  The windows of our hut yesterday morning showed so little visibility it didn't seem as if we could get out in the field.  But ...

Faux Pas

January 21, 2010  |   Antarctic Peninsula Project, Blog   |   admin  |   1 Comment

Color matters in the Antarctic.  Stream of melt water and rain water spill over on some parts of the trail, and you can tramp through them, the water coming up to your ankles.  You notice pools of blue water in various spots, and you learn not to walk on them.  Blue is the color of young ice that is not ...

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